Kickstart My Ads Review


Independent third party review of Kickstart My Ads, setup by our experienced Ads Team & crowdfunder volunteer to give our service a complete, honest, and neutral “test” of effectiveness. The results? Our ads brought in over 50% of their total funding goal!


Customer Review Summary: Rating Kickstart My Ads isn’t as black and white as I wish. On the one hand, if we spend hundreds of dollars on their services, we want to see “bottom line” results: Kickstarter pledges! On the other hand, if they drive targeted traffic to our project pages, should we hold them accountable if said traffic ultimately doesn’t fund it? This is a question that each of us has to answer for ourselves, since they guarantee highly targeted traffic, not pledges.

I worked with Kickstart My Ads once before, and the campaign fell short. However, the folks there were kind enough to provide a second chance, so I attempted to fund a short children’s book (It’s worth noting that Kickstart My Ads has more success with big projects and larger goals, often in traditional categories like tech, music, film, design, and fashion).

The service level I used was their best and most expensive: “Drive Supporters,” currently a one-time fee of only $450. Since I wanted to gauge them and their worth, I did almost no promoting of the project. They did ask me to generate $100 in pledges at the start, since visitors are reluctant to contribute to a project sitting at zero. Aside from that, I only mentioned my short children’s book a couple of times on my social media.

For whatever reason, my project got decent traction for the first two and a half weeks. With just over 10 days to go, I stood at $140 in pledges out of $1,200 needed. But that’s when things got interesting. Kickstart My Ads must have found its groove because I started getting two, three and four pledges per day—a dramatic improvement!

When all was said and done I stood at 21 backers and $655, just over 50% of my goal. However, according to the final Facebook report sent to me, my advertisements reached (were seen by) 20,892 people, which resulted in 340 post engagements (real visits to my project).

Nick of Kickstart My Ads had this to say: “While our service is not a magic wand, if there is a campaign that is appealing to its target market, then we can make the support pour in, if the market is available on Facebook. The amount of support varies by campaign and by a target market’s availability on Facebook, but if those two factors are in our favor, then we are confident we can get a positive ROI for our clients virtually every time.”

As for me and my projects, I’ll probably skip other paid promotional services. But if you have a project that’s irresistible to your target market, maybe you’ll have good luck too.

DISCLAIMER: The services discussed in this post were provided free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest Kickstart My Ads review


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Kickstartmyads Review How to Drive Supporters


With the increase in the amount of campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo this year it has become more important for campaign owners to separate themselves from other campaigns. It has also become crucial for campaign owners to reach out to audiences outside of the conventional crowdfunding platforms to get contributions. Also with the recent lifting on the screening process by Kickstarter, more and more people who previously weren’t able to launch projects on that platform are now able to freely launch a campaign.

Now the page listings on Kickstarter have increased, making it difficult to rely on the Kickstarter community to fund your campaign. Campaign owners are now looking off the platform to get the support they need. The best way to drive targeted supporters to your crowdfunding campaign is to use targeted promotions to reach the best fit audience that would be interested in your crowdfunding project.


Kickstartmyads Review How to Drive Supporters

The best promotions are not general press releases or social media promtotion. The best way to get real exposure for a new and fresh crowdfunding campaign is by launching targeted Facebook Ads with Kickstartmyads. You can actually launch Facebook Ads and upload custom audiences of people who would be most interested in your product, and crowdfunding in general.

This gets the best results for a campaign by driving targeted traffic and supporters straight to your campaign page. Kickstartmyads reviews your campaign and works with you to find the best possible audience to put Facebook ads in front of. Then we launch ads directly on these targeted user’s Facebook newsfeed, to get the best engagement possible from the selected audience.

Running facebook ads on your own can be very time consuming and costly. Especially if you’re trying to scrape custom audience lists and upload them through your Facebook ads manager account. Kickstartmyads has custom data scraping software that makes it easy for you to select an audience or fan page on Facebook, and we’ll target all of the users who ‘Liked’ that Facebook fan page.

Kickstarter Kickstartmyads Review Reviews

This gives you complete control of who sees your campaign and what targeted audiences you’ll be reaching with your crowdfunding campaign. The team at Kickstartmyads review your live ads and also give live Ad reports to show you how the ads are performing and the total reach they ads are getting among the targeted audiences we selected. We also optimize your ads to find the best performing ad and we will duplicate the ad itself, and duplicate the audience aswell. So the best audiences possible will see the best performing ads possible to get the best results possible for your project!

Kickstartmyads is the only targeted Facebook Ads agency that specializes in the crowdfunding industry. Kickstartmyads has worked with Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Rockethub projects to deliver them targeted supporters. Kickstartmyads review the best crowdfunding campaigns to work with to drive targeted Facebook users to. Learn how you can get started with targeted Facebook ads with Kickstartmyads today, E-mail us at or call us at 800-604-3239

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3 Points to keep in mind while creating Facebook ads


Some people say that Facebook is no longer a social networking site. It is a country in itself. With more than one billion people signed up on this portal, it has become the most popular channel for communication as well as for marketing and advertising. Facebook has become the most widely used online platform for advertising purposes. If you are also planning to advertize on Facebook then it is a right choice you are making. However, there are certain things you will want to keep in mind.

Do you know your objectives?

The most important part of ad making is having a clear knowledge and understanding of the goals. Only when you know your goals clearly, you will be able to come up with the effective ads. Therefore, it is important that you have a list of all the goals ready with you. The goals could be long term and short term. Keep both of them in mind. Your long term goal could be certain amount of turnover in one year. Your short term goal could be generating certain amount of sales within a week. When you know the goals, you create the ads accordingly.

Who is your target audience?

Another most important aspect of Facebook advertizing is the knowledge of the target audience. You may want to have a wide approach but if you have a product which only caters to certain segment of people, you will not want your efforts getting wasted with the ad reaching out to the irrelevant audiences. For instance, if you deliver your product only in California, you will not want to spend money on the advertisements reaching out to people in Texas. Facebook algorithms allow you to customize the reach of your ads.

Do you know your budget?

You can spend a great deal of money on Facebook ads. But the amount you will spend will be limited by your personal budget. Know your budget and create the ad campaign accordingly. The major portion of the overall budget goes into marketing and advertizing. You will need to decide how much you want to allocate for Facebook advertizing. Do remember that Facebook advertizing could be more effective than any other form of advertizing.

Facebook is one of the most important medium for promoting your products and services. If you keep the above three points in mind while created the Facebook ads, you will be able to achieve success.




One of the most difficult aspects of crowdfunding your project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo is how to go about finding the right audience. Simply shouting your message across the internet to anyone can actually hurt your crowdfunding campaign. Using expensive marketing programs can be frustrating and time consuming. Oftentimes the advertising process can actually detract from the actual project as it forces time and energy to be spent on marketing rather than product development and gaining support from your fanbase.

Fortunately there is an easy way to crowdfund a project in both a cost and time effective manner. Kickstart My Ads ( is a professional marketing service that helps to secure money for crowdfunding projects. The company can help to promote and fund material on sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The firm prides itself on its outstanding track record of successfully funded projects. Kickstart My Ads offers crowdfunders the best way to get more support from outside their existing fanbase and social circle. If you want to take your kickstarter or indiegogo campaign to the next level, then you need Kickstart My Ads to target a wider audience for you.

What makes Kickstart My Ads so effective is the company’s dedication and passion to crowdfund marketing and promotions. While there are many advertising agencies across the web, none have the same level of crowdfunding expertise and focus that Kickstart My Ads does. KickstartMyAds is the only service on the web that specializes in creating quality ads for crowdfunding campaigns. The company uses a unique marketing strategy to research and secure a target audience, while charging a mere fraction of the price that many other marketing firms would.

Kickstart My Ads asks clients to submit basic information about their product and goals. The company then analyzes this and uses it to craft targeted Facebook ads that cater directly to the clients ideal demographic. This intuitive marketing approach makes it easy for clients with a variety of advertising experience, including complete novices, to have access to high quality marketing resources for their Kickstarter campaign or Indiegogo campaign. In addition to creating the advertisements and promoting them, Kickstart My Ads also provides clients with detailed reports that show how effective the marketing strategy is. This allows clients to stay up to date on the marketing campaign, and let’s them provide input.

After the crowdfunding campaign is complete, Kickstart My Ads is able to quickly transition your advertisements to promote your product or website. Using their same high quality strategies, the company can continue to generate interest even after the funding has been secured. This allows you to capture and build upon the momentum your crowdfunding campaign generated during your kickstarter project or indiegogo campaign. KickstartMyAds can therefore become a central part of your long term marketing and ads strategy.

Kickstart My Ads is an affordable marketing solution for those looking to target the right audience and secure funding for their projects. The company is comprised of professional marketers who have a deep passion for both advertising and helping crowdfunders make their ideas into reality. KickstartMyAds takes a unique approach to using targeted Facebook ads. This has allowed them to reach out to specific niches and find audiences who are very receptive to all kinds of project ideas. By using Kickstart My Ads, crowdfunders can market their material with efficiency and professionalism at a fraction of the price that a regular ad agency would charge. If you’re trying to promote your kickstarter project or successfully fund your indiegogo campaign, then you need Kickstart My Ads!

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Creating an effective Facebook ad


Advertisers always have a tough time in trying to find the right audience for their brand. More often than not, their ads end up targeting the wrong people, thereby money being wasted. However, Facebook is one place that advertisers can ensure that they can target their ads to exactly those people who would be interested in what the brand has to offer.

This is how you can create a perfect and effective Facebook ad.

–          Firstly, you need to know the demographics of your audience and decide whether you would like to target a specific and narrow audience or go for a wider reach.

–          The image that you use will play a vital role in whether your ad will be a success or not. Therefore, it is important to create an image that will compel your target audience to click on the ad.

–          When you create an ad on Facebook, you will need to remember that there are thousands of such ads that are created every day by various brands all over the world. Therefore, to compete with them, it is always better to have some incentive in your ad. The best possible thing to do would be to offer a discount coupon that your users can use. This usually ensures that there is a good conversion rate.

–          It is also important to note that ads work better in certain times of the day. Therefore, initially, you need to know at which time of the day you are getting the most conversions, and post your ads during those times. This way, you will be able to reach your intended audience and help increase your brand awareness.

–          One aspect that you can take help of from Facebook is Sponsored Stories. This addition to Facebook ads has helped in increasing the conversion rate of various campaigns. When you create an ad, a Sponsored Story is automatically added as well, and if you so wish, you can create only a Sponsored Story and nothing else.

–          It is important to keep taking notes of what is working for your ads and what is not, and continue to experiment. Only by doing so will you be able to hit on the right campaign model that you should follow. There can never be a set rule of what works as different brands will have different types of audience.

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